JANUARY 31, 2004

So I've started thinking about how I want to paint my bike... I know I want to stay true to the FZR look, so I've decided to paint it just like the stock scheme. This is what I've come up with so far (click on image for closeup):


I still don't know how I want the rims... I know I want them the same color - either both white, or both red. The white is just so hard to keep clean, so I'm leaning towards the red, but I just don't know because I really like the white! I'm also not sure if I want to keep the rear hugger on or not. If I keep it, it will be black for sure.

JANUARY 26, 2004

The site transition is still in progress, so there are still a lot of sections that won't look correct. Let me just say that dealing with browser rendering quirks, bugs, or whatever you want to call them, is a huge pain in the ass! It's about as bad as dealing with all the nested tables. It took a lot of css debugging, but I've finally got one stylesheet for everyone - and it looks identical on both newer Macintosh and Windows browsers. Please use an up-to-date browser or the site will probably look like poo. For Windows folks, turn on font smoothing, and use IE 5.5 or newer, Mozilla, or my new favorite for Windows, Firebird. For the Macintosh, use Safari, cause nothing else even comes close to it! Hands down, the site looks the best in Safari.

I didn't really want to jinx it before we signed the deal, but Deb and I are purchasing our first house! It's very exciting, but soooo stressfull. I really didn't think it was going to be too bad on the nerves, but damn, everytime the bank calls my stomach starts turning! When we first went in to get approved, they told us that other than really bad credit, being self-employed is the next worst situation. So it's a damn good thing that our credit is good. We don't have any collections or other bad things, just a little high debt to income ratio - but they said it's not too bad.

The house is not too much further from work... maybe an extra 10 minutes or so. The commute for me is actually going to be much better than it is now. There are about fifty different ways to get between the house and work, with more than half the ways being great roads for motorcycling. The plot is not too large at .25 acres, but the location is great. There's a wildlife preserve that borders our back line, so there will be nothing but trees behind us for as long as we own the place. There's no garage at the moment, but the previous owners already got the town approval for a garage to be built, so we know there's room for it. It's a Cape with a small family room addition on one side. It has a woodstove (yeah!), 3 bedrooms, dining room, a laundry room, kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, huge basement (yeah!), new furnace, new deck, fenced in yard for the pooches (oh yeah!! they can finally go outside by themselves instead of whining relentlessly at the door!)... overall it's just a really cool first home! We'll have no trouble at all when we go to sell. Check out the pics.

DECEMBER 22, 2003

I've finally started updating the site again. I just kept putting it off because I didn't want to do any content updates before I converted everything over to XHTML and CSS - which just took way too long to happen. Anyway I've finally gotten off my ass and started the conversion process. It's going to take a while to get the whole site converted, but I like the new look and boy is the HTML so much easier to read and write... nested tables suck.

So let's see... first off, Deb and I got married September 21st. That was the same time hurricane so-and-so came right up the east coast this Fall, so it was all crappy outside the entire week... of course we we're having the ceremony outside! Well I don't know how it happened, but the sky completely cleared the day of the wedding and it ended up being one of the nicest days in September. I should have some pictures up in the family section soon.

Oh yeah, I went to court for that speeding ticket I got in May, and it ended up getting dropped - hell yeah! Talk about some good luck... to make a long story short, the officer was there at the start of the day, but ended up leaving before it was my turn. Since there wasn't anyone there to question, the ADA decided to dismiss the charges. Just as he was finished writing DISMISSED on the top of my sheet, another statey sitting there says, hey we can call that officer back in... man I wanted to smack that guy. So the ADA crosses off DISMISSED and they call the cop. Did I mention that the ADA was in the process of dismissing the charges...!! So I wait, and I wait, and finally it's my turn again and the cop still isn't there. The judge is like, where the hell is this guy, and why's he wasting my time? DISMISSED! Oh yeah!

FZR updates should be coming real soon too. I've got a few more tips and tricks, a parts list for the R6 tail for those of you who've requested it - which by the way, to everyone who's written to me in the last five months, I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you yet. I've just been so busy with work and home stuff for so long now it's not funny. I do have all emails that I haven't responded to and will do my best to reply asap.

So what's everyone think of the 2004 R1? All I can say is HOLY SHIT!! That will be my next bike... maybe one day. Go here to drool... mmmmmmmm.

MAY 20, 2003

I'm heading into work this morning, minding my own business on the highway, in the passing lane, going about 75 mph, getting ahead of a few cars in the slow lane. When I turned my head and checked to get into the passing lane, there was nobody there. The next time I look in my mirror (as I'm passing the cars, a few seconds later), there's an unfamiliar bike rapidly approaching me from behind. Naturally, I got a bit startled and blipped the throttle a bit to speed up -- I didn't know what this guy was doing, and since there were a few cars in the right hand lane, right next to me, going forward and getting out of the way was all I was thinking about.

Then the other bike actually pulls up alongside me, and I'm still not sure what his intentions are, so I look over to the right to see if I can get out of the way yet, and before I do anything, he pulls ahead of me, while I'm still in the left hand lane, and cuts right in front of me, heading over into the right hand lane! Now, I'm really wondering what the hell is this guy doing, and just stayed where I was in the left lane, watching to see what the guy was going to do. Next thing I know, I see the blues behind me, at which point I pull right over. This all happened within less than a minute... I hadn't had any time to even figure out what was happening, let alone even think about getting back to normal operating speed.

The cop gets out of his unmarked car, and tells me that he saw the entire thing... he didn't even ask me if I knew why he stopped me. He asks for my papers, and if I knew the other guy, then heads over to talk to him, so I'm thinking, cool, I'm not getting any ticket for this.

What do I get? A ticket for speeding! I can't believe it! $200 for doing 87 in a 65 and all I was trying to do was get out of the way by speeding up and get into the right hand lane out of this guys way, trying to avoid a serious and immediate danger to myself! It's called defensive driving the last time I checked! I was mostly concerned about not getting in an accident, and not really looking at my speed.

What's funny is that the cop saw me minding my own business when I was in the passing lane! He saw the guy fly right up to me as if I was standing still! If I was doing anything wrong, the cop should have been pulling me over before the other bike got anywhere near me. The only thing I can think of is that the cop actually thought I was going to race this guy... which really doesn't make any sense because if I was going to do that, why would I only blip the throttle and only speed up 10 mph? If I was going to do something so stupid as race the guy, I'd drop the hammer and be going a hell of lot faster than that.

You know, if I was caught speeding, that would be fine. I wouldn't like it, but I'd pay the fine and suck it up. But I'll be contesting this because I like the fact that I don't have any violations on my record. It wasn't always that way - I've worked hard to clear it up.