MAY 19, 2003

My good friend Christian got married over the weekend, and I was the best man. When he first asked me to be the best man, all I could think of was the speech. I'm not the best speaker there is and I really didn't want to just say a meek congratulations, so I did a bit of research, and all I can say is it never cease's to amaze me with what's online! I'm thinking I'll have to go to the bookstore, but nope... there were tons of sites with example best man speeches, do's and dont's, what to include, quotes, etc. Tons of good stuff!

So I cobbled something together, read it to Deb a bunch of times, taking some suggestions from her, and ended up with a page of quality trimmed text - if I do say so myself. The day of the wedding I was more nervous than Christian! We got to the reception, and I was thinking the toast would be after we eat - never ask the groom when something is happening at his own wedding!

We get to the head table, and the DJ says something about a toast, but I wasn't really paying attention, talking to Christian. Next thing I know I've got a mic in my face! I was totally caught off guard - I hadn't even had a beer yet like I was hoping to have with dinner to calm my nerves! After the initial, oh shit, it went nice and smooth. The first bits of laughter from the guests really helped me out, and calmed me right down. Actually, I'm thankful that I was caught off guard, because I would have been even more nervous sweating the moment. So anyway, to give back to the online community, I'm posting my speech, and hopefully it will be of some use to another best man sometime:

Hello everyone my name is Heath, I'm Christian's best man. First off, on behalf of Christian and Erica, I'd like to thank everyone for being here and sharing their day with them. I know it means a lot to them.

So, seeing as this is my first time ever being a best man, I felt I needed to find out what would be required of me. I found a helpful list called "The Best Man Checklist".

It says stuff like how I need to help the groom dress - which I did button his shirt for him because the buttons were too small for his big fingers. That I need to ensure that the groom uses the bathroom - I sent him in, but I wasn't going in to check on him. That his face and hair are in order - God didn't put them in order the first time around, so what chance do I have? That his shoes are tied and his pants are zipped up... jeez, it's sounding like his mom should have been best man!

Anyway, I first met Christian at UMaine, Orono. I remember it very clearly, because he didn't have his goatee, which if you've ever seen him without it, you know exactly what I mean! There's a distinct resemblance between him and Yertle the Turtle!

There's really not much that I can say about our time at the university though, partly because I don't remember half of it and also because there are really too many children in the room. I will say there were a few times I've seen him dancing though, and if we're lucky, in an hour or so, we'll all be in for a treat - rhythm and style are of little importance to him, but he does need a few beers to get moving!

Seriously though, Christian, you've somehow managed to get Erica to say yes and marry you - someone who is beautiful, smart, funny, loving and caring, and is still a match for you any day of the week.

Erica, I'm not really sure what you're thinking, but best of luck!

And finally a few words of wisdom for the Bride and Groom:

Erica, men are like a fine wine - they start out as grapes and it's your job to stomp on them until they mature into something that you'd like to have dinner with.

On the other hand, Christian, women are also like a fine wine. They start out fresh, fruity and intoxicating, until they turn full-bodied and go sour and vinegary, eventually just giving you a headache.

Now please everyone join me in a toast, because in all seriousness, I think that they were truly made for each other. May your love be modern enough to survive the times, and yet old fashioned enough to last forever. Congratulations you guys!

APRIL 28, 2003

Well, my "little" brother (he's the biggest and tallest of us three at 6' 5" or so), Christopher, decided that he was going to join the Army. I'm pretty sure he's just gotten through his first week of basic. I actually think he's going to like being in the Army. He's a smart kid, and very hard working, but seems to have an extreme lack of direction. I think it will be good for him to have someone telling him what to do. Hey, at least you can't say the kid doesn't try new things.

Boy the weather today is off to a great start... it's 8:30 in the morning, and it's already 51° out! Coming in I took my time and rode down route 88 along the coast, instead of taking the highway. It was early enough that all the little kids were waiting for the school bus to come and pick them up. I always get a kick out of them, because they hear you coming, watching intently as you ride by, often waving with a huge smile on their face, and pointing at me to their parent who's waiting with them, and often watching just as intently. I make sure to always wave back... leaving a good impression on people when you're riding is extremely important. It really just ends up helping the sport, in a lot of different ways.

One of the things I like most about riding a motorcycle is how you're really aware of the surrounding environment. The air is a bit cooler when you're near the water, or in a valley; you can feel the sun hitting you and warming you up; the shadows are cool and damp; the ocean smells salty and clean -- except at low tide. I don't know... when you're in a car, you just seem to miss out on a lot.

APRIL 19, 2003

It's been a while since I've even been able to think about updating this thing! Things have been non-stop since we moved. So first things first... I asked Deb to marry me, and believe it or not, she said yes! I know what you're thinking... we've only been together for 7 years -- three years shy of my 10 year rule. For those of you who aren't familiar with the 10 year rule, it basically means if we can live together for 10 years without killing each other, we can probably make it for the rest of our lives. I hope she's going to be able to take my crap for that long... I told her, she was probably getting the better part of the deal! : )

So the other thing that happened to us... about two weeks before Christmas, the guy who we were going to rent the nice house on the ocean from, decided that he would rather have someone else living there... nice of him to let us know right before the holidays, when oh-so-many people are going to be available to show their houses for rent. What an ass. We even sent in the deposit, and he knew we were under a tight schedule. His excuse was that the other couple didn't have any pets, and they were "more established" in the area... what the hell is that? It's not like we were moving without jobs lined up, and if you really don't want pets, you don't say it's ok to have them in the first place!

That's fine... I figure if he was that much of an ass, he wouldn't be any different when we actually got in there. Plus, come to find out that the people in the neighborhood, aka "The Association"... yeah, that's right... all I could think of was that X-Files episode... but they actually ended up driving the last guy out because he would park his taxi in his driveway!! Turns out the whole neighborhood was full of asses. Boy, they just would've loved my motorcycle ripping through the neighborhood at all hours. I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

So now it's two weeks before Christmas, we're moving out the first week of January, and we have to find another place that will allow two German Shepherds -- it took us a month to do that the first time! Anyway, we end up finding a really nice cape just a little further north from the last place. I think this place is much better actually... more yard for the dogs, and no "Association" to worry about... no beach out the front though.

In case you haven't noticed, I've changed the site a wee bit. I wanted to get rid of the frames... just because they can be problematic when linking and viewing in different browsers -- but man are they handy if you're editing all the code by hand and are always tweaking things since you don't need to touch every single index page. But now, I've caved in and started using Dreamweaver... I know, I know... I've wussed out by not hand coding everything, but don't worry, I work exclusively in the code editor (which needs to take some cues from BBEdit, but it works) and just let DW update things and make sure all the links work, which it's very good at. Now all I have to do is finish updating the content and start using css.

NOVEMBER 24, 2002

So we've been pretty damn busy lately... Deb and I have had to go down to the Portland area the last few weekends to find a place to live. After two weeks stressing out, we found a sweet house in Cumberland, ME, just 12 miles north of Portland. One of the coolest parts is the view - right out at ocean!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2002

I stepped on the scale a few mornings ago, and the thing read 200lbs! Doh! This is what I get for getting a motorcycle and not mountain biking like I used to. So I decide I've got to get back into it, and head to the local bike store. They sell Jamis, Trek and a few others. I take the 2002 Jamis catalog home and pick out a sweet bike, the Komodo. The shop had a full suspension Jamis with disc brakes, nice Fox shock, etc, the point being that it was only $650! I'm thinking sweet, bike prices have come down since I was last in it! So I go back the next day and say I'd like the Komodo... and oh yeah, how much is that? That's about $1800... what?! How can a full suspension be cheaper than a hard tail? Last time I was riding, you couldn't get a full suspension for less than $1500.

Very dissapointed, because I had a maximum of $700 to be spending, I said to forget about it for now. I get home and decide to check out what kind of used bikes were on eBay... and what do you know, someone had just put up a 2002 Jamis Komodo, 21" frame!! No shit, I can hardly believe it! The going bid was around $300, so I let it ride a few days and end up bidding with a max bid of $700... except he has a reserve set and I don't hit it! Damnit! I watch the auction end with my bid being the highest. What the hell, I'll send the guy an email and ask him how much his reserve was, and if he was interested in a private sale. He writes back saying his reserve was $750, and that he'll let it go for $800 plus $50 shipping!! Score! I just got an $1800 bike for $850! I ask him why he's getting rid of it and he says he wants to get back into motocross, so he probably races for a team and got the thing below dealer cost. Good thing, because I really didn't want a stolen bike! Check out the specs on this thing here.

OCTOBER 27, 2002

Well it's pretty much final, Deb and I will be moving from Orono to Portland, ME. We've already started the not-so-fun task of finding a new place to live. I'm going to be working with a good friend of mine who's got a business, SilverDog Communications. Deb's pretty much got a job with an accounting firm - she's got her second set of interview sessions this week with them, and will be getting a job offer... they'd be stupid to not hire her, as she's one of the smartest, hardest working individuals I know.

Since we're moving, I need to sell all my extra motorcycle parts. Please check them out and email me if you're interested. I'm going to give the folks on the FZR Board a chance to buy first, then I'll be putting everything up on eBay. My CDI died on my bike about a month ago, so I haven't been able to enjoy the really nice fall riding around here! I really wasn't able to ride my bike as much as I would have liked this season. In fact if anyone has a spare CDI they'd like to sell me, please email me.

Last night, I saw Tool for the first time...all I need to say, is that those guys are just fucking incredible, and it was the best concert I've ever seen! The Augusta Civic Center sucked though... at least I can look forward to being closer to larger venues in Portland.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2002

Whew! Well it's been a very busy month for Deb and I... sadly Deb's grandfathers both passed away within ten days of each other... they'll both be missed a lot. Also, school's started back up now, and since I work for the university, it's crazy time. Deb's busy taking her last three graduate courses and also working for the university in the business school office. She'll soon have her masters in accounting and be making loads of cash. : )

Also, we sold the Honda! Just in time too... the registration was about to expire.

AUGUST 12, 2002

I've updated the FZR section a bit again. This time, I've added to the maintenance part and also got the YZF tank installation instructions and pictures finished. I'm working on the tail instructions and should have them done soon... I've got a few more pictures to take first. I've also added a for sale section, listing all the things I have for sale due to my new tank and tail.

JULY 23, 2002

Posted a few pictures of my 1999 R6 tail and 2000 YZF gas tank conversion. I'll have more showing the whole process later.

JULY 3, 2002

Posted a quick picture of the family.

JUNE 30, 2002

Finished the instructions for installing RaceTech springs and Gold-Valve Emulators. I also redesigned the whole FZR section for better organization.

JUNE 29, 2002

Added some pictures of a few unexpected visitors we had one night.

JUNE 22, 2002

Got my resume section finished.

JUNE 19th, 2002

Hey everyone... who wants to buy my 1992 Honda Accord? It's up for sale because I don't use it, seeing as I've got the Maxima now.

JUNE 18, 2002

I put up some pictures of my hike in Gulf Hagas, Maine in the random section. There are also some pics of a large spider I found while swimming up there.

JUNE 17, 2002

Well I finally got my website going... or should I say started - seeing as I've only got pages of my toys up. I'll get the rest up soon.